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Assalamualaikum and hello, o awesome readers!

I guess I'm pretty cool person. I likes be positive, helping others, writing and exploring.  Also a fan of happy ending. Even life is too serious as it is. This blog i called as my second heart. Everything with Allah blessing, i'll share those awesome moments in my life. Overall i think is a lot about my family. 'Cause i love them....LOL.

Thanks for all your support! It means a lot. Anyway, welcome to my life.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Duplicated of her


I baked a butter cake yesterday.
And today i terima satu bekas rainbow cake di awal pagi
This is the life.
Eat. More. Cake. Eat. More. Cake.

She is a good friend of me.
She is from another department. But we are close enough.
And because of this, how i wish she is my neighbor one fine day.
Mesti bahagia lah. 
Ada orang hantar makan. Kan?
Yelah, if im a man, dah lama i purposed. Nauzubillah nak jadi lesbian.
Lempang nak?

Sebab kenapa i praised her? Sebab she always akan bekalkan me something.
Kek. Or any cookies and ada gak dengan lauk pauk bagai.
Where can i find a duplicated of her?
She is so amazing.

Our tukar-tukar makanan started from i give her my chocolate cake.
And her family love it so much.
Segan gak bila tahu dia bawak balik dengan kek yang tak seberapa itu.
Then, dia pon balas lah. And kami terus balas membalas.
One friend of her department pon sama.
Dia pon ada join sama gak.
So one versus two.
Peluh gak dahi pikir nak balas apa.

Satu lauk yang make me so touching adalah apabila the next day I'm oncall after received a bad news about my brother in law.
When he passed away...
That day i tetap puasa. And she don't even know anything. But that morning she message me. Datang kerja ambil bekal kat dia.
She makes satu jenis mee berkuah. Which she know my type of foods.
Masa buka tuh, sayu jer sebab teringat semalam. This is the time he tinggalkan kami semua.
Becauseof that, i just don't have a feeling to makan.
I rasa one two suap. And suruh my colleagues habiskan.
Diorang yang rasa bersalah. But I'm ok.
Rezeki bagi-bagi kan.

Ok lah. So which this rainbow cake, i donno what i'm gonna give later.
Apa ya?

Sunday, April 23, 2017



Not said i ni berlagak ke apa. But some of my colleague they too afraid of someone.
Those surgeon lah senang cerita.
It's too obvious sampai i yang sama team pon rasa, why?
Be yourself. Come on, you can do it.
They are just same with us.
Please, please and please.

Let's bincangkan secara serius.
For me, untuk menghadapinya, not fair for them to afraid of certain person.
Don't you think?
We're same slave to Allah.
Mati pon bila-bila masa sahaja.
Tengah sam-sama kerja pon boleh unconscious.
So, apa nak menggelabahnya?

Prepared your mind set and perception about that person in in your life...
Convert the word afraid to respect!
Better right.

So, don't so takut. Think about your Creator who will protect you. Bacalah doa sebelum doing something.
Bismillah pon ok da.
Panjang sikit, bacalah doa minta petunjuk daripada Allah agar semuanya berjalan lancar.
Boleh siap cepat.
Boleh balik awal.

Kalau geram sangat, ketuk je kepala orang tuh.
Pastu lari.

As ianya juga pernah happened in my family. Where we're all so afraid to our ayah.
Once we're still kids.
Takut kena marah. Biasalah.
And semua membuatkan kami more closer to emak or sesama adik-beradik je.
My ayah is my stranger.
Make it worst,
Perasaan takut bertukar kepada benci. Which that sometime parents not understand what we want.
Teenagers. Memberontak je tau.

And later, after life matured me. Dah habis belajar, kerja, pegang duit sendrik.
Then, benci terus changes to respect.
Susah rupanya mak ayah nak besarkan kita.
Sebab tu kita boleh pulak buat perangai apa jadah bila ayah penat balik kerja.
Kan da ayah marah.
Salah sendirik.

Rasa nak menitik air mata.
Yelah, he's so strong besarkan lapan orang anak... with my emak only a housewife.
And for sake of us. He sanggup tolak PTPTN and support my two sister yang tengah sama-sama sambung belajar. With me in sponsorship partner.
'Till now, we're free from this kind of loan.
Love both of you.

So, for my friends yang under this categories.
Be brave be bold!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

What's wrong with me


Last January, in 'cause I'm no Superman post, I ada mentioned about how sick i am with night fever, diarrhea, dizziness and on off of nausea.
Those terrible days yang i survived well.
Even I have to do oncall.
Gila tak gilalah.
Tapi lepas dengan jayanya.

Somehow, about these few weeks, I think it's slowly gonna come back.
Minus the diarrhea.
Ya. Because i still hati-hati with my intake.
Seksa woo.
And if rasa too hungry. I just ate macam biasa or double it. So far so good.
Even though gitu, ada my friend and my family member said i makin lama makin kurus.
I like, seriously?
I admit, ada one day kadang-kadang no feeling untuk makan, tak lapar langsung. I just niatkan puasa or i may be just simply took some spare Kokocrunch.
Tak naklah kena gastric nanti.

Walaupun tak ada diarrhea, tapi ganti dengan some bruises and bit redness.
Which i donno where it came from.
Tahu-tahu dah ada dapat. Sana sikit, sini sikit.

I think i tak doing any outdoor activities yang sangat lah lasak.
My routine last few weeks secara puratanya adalah.
Kerja macam biasa. Jogging-jogging dalam department, huha-huha jap.
Done weekend call.
Volunteer part untuk ajar budak membaca,
And the Easter egg days celebration dengan makan-makan biasa sahaja. Ada orang belanja kan. Hhehhehe...

And about my dizziness. I already change my spectacle. Which i found memang ada change of power lens.
Still tried to adjust it. Spec baru kan.
In observation lagi.
But if my dizziness to bad, nausea pon nak join sekali.
Hek eleh.

And fever? I can felt it.
Every morning berat kepala. And muscle aches.
Tu yang kena buat some light exercise.
Or if tak sempat. Prayer time, much better.
Macam semalam, masa time makan-makan rasa muka tiba-tiba panas. And when my friend asked why.
I just replied. Soup nih panas sangat.
And cepat-cepat habiskan meals and minum air mineral banyak-banyak.

With all these. I still can control it and tried to calm down everything.
Because dia akan mula-mula trigger untuk kita rasa uncomfortable.
Then, from situ i knew something gonna up.
And be prepared jelah.

Then, i think i have to top up my balang with lots of candies!
Or small tub for this 'lil one.
Smart moves.

Anything Allah plan for me. I just only a good slave.
But I pray He will wait for me to come to Him one fine day.
Which my big project of Umrah berjalan dengan jayanya.