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Assalamualaikum and hello, o awesome readers!

I guess I'm pretty cool person. I likes be positive, helping others, writing and exploring.  Also a fan of happy ending. Even life is too serious as it is. This blog i called as my second heart. Everything with Allah blessing, i'll share those awesome moments in my life. Overall i think is a lot about my family. 'Cause i love them....LOL.

Thanks for all your support! It means a lot. Anyway, welcome to my life.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Colour splash


I change my headboard.

...With this colour splash!
And I love it so much.

Look fresh.... and beautiful,
and cool.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Alergik: Debu/Habuk

Okay, sini ada sesiapa alergik pada dust? Atau nama lainnya habuk/debu. 
****This-topic maybe lil bit cam sarcasm, Up to you all nak sambung baca or not. Tiada jaminan untuk bagi ter--- sakit hati/ kecil hati. 

First thing bila aku seen any papers yang mention diorang allergic to dust... 
Aku macam, really bro? Where are you living now? Pluto? Or depan aku ini hanya lah your soul? 
: )


FYI, Did you know what dust mean is???? Tell me the the specific one... 
So kalau tak tahu, jangan berlagak pandai. And meh kita googling it. Wiki said this, 

So, if tak nak nampak cam stupid or memalukan... If korang ada allergic something call dust, please specific it. So tak adalah nanti bila in one bad day jumpa orang cam aku ni. Dah kena gelak guling-guling. Tak macho lah, bro! 

Dah jatuh standard!

Haish, always make my day. Small thing but bikin lawak. 
Peace no war.

Sorry for cursing word.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Okay, this is too much

Nah. someone not in mood.
Better watch out.

Aku nak habak satu cerita, tiga hari lepas.
....this is about a men yang perasan bagus dan poyo gila.
Gila sangat-sangat lah yer kepoyoannya itu.
The best words i can described about him.
I'm sorry.

So, in my working department.
Aku kena tanyalah,
If diorang ada wearing something 'fake'...
Like-piercing, dentures, jewelries, and whatever.  

So bila bab Gigi. 
In my normal tone, aku ask... "Sir, do u have any loosen teeth?"
So, dia cam blur.
And nurse sebelah pon cakap,
Gigi goyang.
*mana tau dia tak faham, kannnn...

And guess what,
Dia cakap ayat aku tak specific...
"Gigi dia semua goyang, tapi goyang macam mana?"
What the.... salah aku ke?

So, aku just senyum tak kata apa, tapi dalam hati... 
Gigi kau semua goyang?
Biar betul oi, ko ni osteoporosis awal benor... Hormone pon poyo cam orang yer gak. 

End case. 

And petangnya ada orang post ni kat my whats-app...
Dan i think it's make my day dan tak poyo. 
Cer tengok gaji dia? 
Kau hado???


Friday, August 08, 2014

Surah al-Fatihah


Surah al fatihah.
First, and
The most of the simple surah in Quran,

If it is the most simple, can you describe its meaning in simple way?

I with a big heart want to share a video about surah Al fatihah.
Watch it, understand it,
And felt it.

Surah Al Fatihah | Quran Gems | Nouman Ali Khan

I love Quran,
And i love this video,
So much!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Dalam dok kira-kira


Aku tengah dok kira-kira... Conteng-conteng bagi dapat real joy. Sejak petang lek keja tadi, kol 4 sampai la ni. Tak cukup dengan itu, aku bukak lagu McFly motion in the oceon. Motif?! aku pon tak sure. Hahahhaah...

Then, surprisingly aku dapat find out yang,

"I'm saving double from my spending!"
Yeah, real story.
Cayalah. Yahoo ya bedabedooo...
Gila best aku ni rupanya.

And with no commitment of any stupid PTPN, loan, relationship, or so whatever... Inilah yang aku capai. : )

Senyum lah, senyum lah... oh, se-senyum lah....

So, my saving divided into five catagories:

1. Retirement asset (PRS + KWSP)
2.Cash asset (Montly in + emergency fund)
3. Invest asset (Gold, in plans)
4. Insurance asset (Healthy type + motor)
5. Akhirat asset (Umrah, master plan, sedekah)

Okay... Aku tak plan nak beli car tok ganti my precious moto. Coz aku tak ada hati pon nak gaya ngan benda alah tu. So, whatever you said big guy...I setia with my baby (moto yang den bayo cash tuh). 

Main target: aku nak gi Umrah tahun depan. Really-really want to! Amin ya Allah... Nazar harap diperkenankan. 

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Mr. Beau


              This is... Mr. Beau! And he's so small, or smallest I think. I think.... And oh my, you should see how his 'lil hair and chubby feet is... Cute but,

Just look so fragile for me to touch (feeling sad and nervous). 

              Unfortunately, its no make sense to me coz i will hold it night and day coz he's so cute and irresistible. Can't blame it on me! 

(Beau-good looking)

Friday, August 01, 2014

Kasut merah jambu

I guess the moment when everything changed was when I realized I re-look this pink shoes

Smile like an idiot!

I really do miss what we almost had.