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Thursday, June 04, 2009

I love fruits


I love fruits.
Very much.
Banyak reason kenapa pilih buah.
Salah satunya sebab ianya senang hadam.
And murah gak actually, kalau beli kat pasar malam.
Boleh tahan berminggu.

Orang yang jimat cermat macam aku jer tahu apa maksud ayat atas tuh.
Buah yang aku suka.
Contohnya sebab...
Easy, healthier, local, and yummy.
= )

I donna why it's yellow.
I hate yellow.

How about i turn banana to purple, blue or turquoise??
Boleh diusulkan kan la nanti.
Agak-agak, dapat lempang percuma tak nanti?

And i love watermelon, berries, orange, apples, all...
They all too hard too resist.
And their colorful color make my appetite increased!

So, how about yours?
No matter what it is.
Just follow above picture to stay healthy.
And maintain your natural beauty.

Aku nak ikut tema atas tuh?
Memang tak lah.
Makan mentah camtu jer.
Lebih naturale gituuuu...