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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Better than being a superhero


One of my friends akan berkahwin pada hujung minggu ini.
So happy for her.
And akad serta resepinya akan diadakan di Melaka.
Sebab malacca is the best place and full of tempat menarik.

So some of us, plan nak pergi sana after worked half day on this Saturday.
Nak kejar akad yang lepas Asar tuh.
Which i thought better we redha jer.
Sebab on that day kalau busy and kena stayback... berhuhu ramai-ramai je la.
Buat la kes yer.
After that barulah boleh gerak.
Lagipun KL ke Melaka pon quite ok.
Tak dapat pergi akad, pergi lah masa malamnya.

Hopefully tak busy mana and semua berjalan dengan lancar.

And plan nak tidur sana and balik on Sunday.
My wish, i hope i can cilok someone.
Because i want go any of pantai yang ada kat sana. 
Really, really nak sangat!
Which i hope dekat jer la.
Tanjung balak? Or Pangkalan Balak? 
Sound some place there.
Which pernah lalu jer, tak tak sempat singgah.

If tak sempat pergi pantai sana.
End of this month, I hope i can go pantai area my place.
Tunda banyak sangat dah nih.
Jiwa kacau dah tak tengok ombak.
And bau laut.
And kaki sentuh pasir. Oh, duh.

Sometimes being a friend is better than being a superhero.
Will update later with some of my friends wedding photo and our activities.
Hopefully pantai and me too!